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Triathlon mag editor

Triathlon mag editor

Giannis Psarelis BSc, MSc, MBA, PhDc


Giannis was born in 1969, in Palaio Faliro- Athens Greece.

His mother (Greek Australian born in Adelaide) influenced him to get into various Sports from early childhood: soccer, basketball, swimming, running…

He competed in his first triathlon when he was 21 and has since been involved as an athlete, coach, sports events organiser and administrator, anti doping control officer and sports journalist.

His academic background is in chemistry, sports management and administration, business management (MBA), communications marketing (MSc), sports management (MSc), sports coaching and sports science (MSc in Maximisation of Sports Performance and PhD in Sports Physiology are both in progress).

He is a great believer in Continuous Coaching Development and strives to stay current via seminar, certifications and other procedures for coaching development.

For the past 12  years he is a full time  coach for endurance sports. He has unique international sports coaching certifications at the highest level (see below)

He is fully committed to further improve his coaching skills to become a worldwide top and innovative coach in Enduranace Sports in the following 4-6 years.

He is married with Stella Charalampopoulou and they have a 10 year old daughter .

Triathlon coach

Sports Experience

Started in sports back in 1977 (swimming and basketball) and Triathlon in 1990.

He was member of the Hellenic National Triathlon Team until 2001.

He has participated in more than 200 triathlon races and achieved over 150 podium places. He has also participated in many other related endurance events (running, swimming). He has completed more than 150 road running races (3km to 80kms)

He has a great experience in sports administration. Amongst others he was :

  • A member of the Hellenic Olympic Committee Executive Board (representing Triathlon)

  • Secratery General of the Hellenic Triathlon Federation

  • Director of the International Olympic Academy

  • Competition Manager for Athens 2004 Olympic Games

  • Sports Marketing Manager for many Sports Equipment Manufacturers & retail companies

  • He has organised more than 50 triathlon races all around Greece.He observed many International Triathlon Races all around the world in order to get more experience in Triathlon Events Organisations. He has attended many international seminars  concerning events organisations and triathlon sports coaching, mostly in Europe.

  • From 2001 until 2006 he was conducting out of competition doping controls for WADA and several major IFs (FINA, IAAF) and several Anti- Doping Agencies. He has given many lectures in schools concerning “clean sports” and the dangers of using doping substances in sports.

  • He is the editor for various sport websites :,,,, e.t.c.He was contributing author in various magazines (political and sports related).

Triathlon Coach

Triathlon Coach

Academic Education

  • April 2016- Today – PhD in Sports “Applied Physiology in Triathlon”, Sports and Exercise Physiology Lab, Dimokritus University of Thrace

  • October 2015- Today – MSc in Sports Science “Maximising Sports Performance”, Department of Physical Education, Dimokritus University of Thrace

  • September 2006 – May 2008 – Master in Business Administration (MBA) – Athens University of Economics and Business with Major in Marketing and Human Resources

  • September 2004 – September 2006 – MSc in “Marketing and Communication with new technologies” (Athens University of Economics and Business). His thesis was in Strategic Management of Non for Profit Organisations.

  • February 2003 – May 2003: Diploma in Marketing Integrated Communications (Hellenic Management Association), major in Public Relations

  • September 2003 – January 2006: Diploma (Distance Learning) Sports management, Leicester

  • September 2001- September 2002: MSc, European master in Sports Management (Lyon 1, France). The MSc is endorsed and it’s under the supervision of International Olympic Committee.

  • September 1989- September 1996: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Degree (BSc) in Chemistry (time working at the Laboratory Chemistry is included)

  • «St.Paul’s» Francohellenic Lycee, Lykeion Apolytirion 18 3/11.


Scientific Publications

  • I.M.Psarellis et al. «Flow – injection chemiluminometric determination of sodium cyclamate» (27th July 1992), Analytica Chimica Acta, 272 (1993), Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam.

  • I.M.Psarellis et al. «Flow – injection chemiluminometric determination of some bile acids» (9th February 1994), Analytica Chimica Acta, 294 (1994), Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam.

Coaching Qualifications & Certifications 

     1.  Triathlon New Zeeland Member & Level 3 Accredited Coach, endorsed by                          International Triathlon Union (completed level 1,2 & 3)

  1. ASCTA, Australian Swimming Teachers & Coaches Association :

    Associate plus member &

    Accredited Swimming Teacher  for Adults and Adolescents &

    Silver License Swimming Coach (Bronze License also completed)

  2. Australian Sport Academy, Certificate III in Sport Coaching (SIS30713)

  3. ASCA, American Swimming Coaches Association  member & Level 4 Certified Coach (completed succesfully level 1 to level 5 exams)

  4. North American Academy For Sport and Fitness- Marathon Running Certified Coach

  5. Ironman Triathlon Certified Coach & Ironman Coaches Association member

  6. USA National Federation of High Schools –

    Accredited –Level 1 Coach (Swimming)

    & Certified – Level 2 Coach 

  7. University of Leicester, Postgraduate Diploma in Sociology of Sports (Sports Management)

  8. Universite Lyon 1- Master europeen en management  des organizations sportives (MSc)

  9. Stonebridge Associated Colleges- Diploma and Level 3 Certificate in Sports Coaching

  10. Dual Career- University of Peloponnese- Certificate in Sports Physiology and Sports Psychology

  11. International Society of Performance Analysis -Applied Level 3 Performance Analyst

  12. Stonebridge Associated Colleges- Diploma and Level 3 Certificate in Sports Pshychology

  13. International Triathlon Coaches Association, Professional Triathlon Coach – ITCA Certified

  14. Science of Exercise by University of Colorado Boulder on Coursera.

  15. SEMOS 2001 & 2002- Sports Event Management & Organisation Seminar by  AISTS (Academie Internationale des Sciences et Technique du Sport)

  16. Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, Level 1 & Level 2

  17. Rowing Australia, Level 1 Coach (Rowing Australia, National Coaching Accreditation Scheme/ NCAS)

  18. Australian Govermnent, Australian Institute of Spors – Community Coaching

  19. United States Sports Academy, Coaching Certification Level I

  20. Greater Auckland Coaching Unit, Sport NZ Coaching Starter Pack

  21. European Athletics, Anti Doping Certification

  22. ..

Triathlon Coach Services

Προπονητής Τριάθλου

Coaching Experience

He has started to coach young athletes and novice triathletes back in 1992.

The last 12 years works as full time coach, supervising mainly adults for sprint, Olympic, Half Iroman and Ironman Distance Triathlon Races but also for other endurance/ power sports :

  • Road Running events (5-10kms),

  • Marathon Running,

  • Open Water Swimming races,

  • Masters Pool Swimming (mainly freestyle events middle and long diatance 200-400-800-1500 freestyle events)

  • Cycling (TT events)

He has more than 10.000 hours face to face coaching experience the last 25 years that he is involved in Triathlon.

He has supervised more than 150 athletes.

He is the Head Coach for Athens Triathlon Team (Best Hellnic Triathlon Team) and member of Smart Sport Coaching Services Team.

More than 13 different athetes from the club have achieved a win at the general classification at a Triathlon race and more than 25 different athletes have made it to the podium of the General Classification at a Triathlon Race

His athletes have achieved more than 400 podium places the last 12 years (general classification and age groups)

Specialist Knowledge

  •  Sports Physiology & Physiological Tests for athletes

  • Triathlon, Marathon Running

  • Open Water swimming Coachig

  • Holistic Coaching

  • Mental Training/ Sports Psychology.

  • Create High performance Sport Teams. Team building based on desired values and culture is his priority.

  • Sport Performance analysis of endurance sports.

  • Creating custom test protocols for laboratory and on the field tests.

  • Swimming and Running Technique Improvement.

Competitive Experience in Triathlon/Achievements as an athlete

  • He has started doing triathlons in 1990.

  • He has completed his first Ironman in 1993 (Almere – Holland) and he has participated in his first international race in 1992 (Sofia, Bulgraria) representing Greece.

  • He has competed in more than 200 triathlon & multi sport events (amongst them 3 Ironman- 12 half ironman races) and he has achieved more than 150 podium places. Rarely was out of the podium in a race that he was participating.

  • He has competed in more than 80 road running races (from 3 km up to 80kms).

  • He was member of the National Triathlon Team until 2001.

  • He had elite level physiological characteristics as measured in a cycling scale test (80ml/kg/min (1992) & 75ml/kg/min (2001)).

Πιστοποιημένος Προπονητής Ironman Γιάννης Ψαρέλης

Ironman Certified CoachΠιστοποιημένος Προπονητής Ironman Γιάννης Ψαρέλης

Triathlon Coach Psarelis Giannis

Triathlon Coach Psarelis Giannis

Triathlon Coach

Triathlon Coach Level 3

marathon coaching

marathon coaching

ASCA Certification

ASCA Certification

Προπονητής Τριάθλου

Προπονητής Τριάθλου

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Προπονητής Τριάθλου