Two Wins for Renaud Blanc

Athens Triathlon Team PR- Two Wins for Renaud Blanc


First (1st) Place in General Classification in Salamis Triathlon (September 3rd, 2017) for Renaud Blanc


First (1st) place for Renaud Blanc at the 6kms Road running race in Lake Beletsi (September 10th, 2017) . A great performance the day after a very hard brick (bike and run).

Renaud is training with us the last 2 months and we are very glad to notice a great improvement not only in his swimming and running performances but also at his attitude and mental strength.

His Coach Psarelis Giannis said about Renault :

Renault Blanc doesn’t have any background in running or triathlon but he has a lot of potential especially in running and he will be able to run faster than 16 minutes @ 5km.

He is training with us only the last 2 months and we emphasize to increase his self confidence as an athlete and to make him a stronger mentally athlete that will stick to his goals even at bad times (injuries, bad performances etc.)

He has to focus to short distance triathlonn for the next 2-3 years and then to specialize at 70.3 events”.

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