Triathlon Coach Educational Activities : Webinar

A core principle of our coaching philosophy is to make the athlete taking the responsibility of his/ her development and to create continuously educational activities.

During these “Tri- Isolation” times where we don’t have the opportunity to have contact with our athletes at the training sites we have decided to develop further our educational activities through webinars.

For this reason we host Webinars for our athletes concerning certain aspects of Training such as Exercise Physiology, Sports Biomechanics, Nutrition, Sports Psychology…

In order to increase the interactivity of our webinars and the educational benefits we are using SurveyMonkey*. Our athlete prior and after the webinars are responding to knowledge questionnaires.

Triathlon Coach Giannis Psarelis mentions about the webinars: “We are always try to educate our athletes by applying modern educational activities and by using new and well established reliable technological platforms. We are more than pleased with the use of SurveyMonkey and we would like to use more and more in the future always on behalf of the triathletes of Athens Triathlon Team that we consider our duty to educate them”.


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