How important is the kicking in triathlon?

Text/Author :Giannis Psarelis

 There is a wrong impression that has been spread all over the triathlon world that triathletes don’t need to kick as they have to save the legs for later into racing and that they don’t need to precise kicking in training. It’s also assumed that triathletes have excellent kicking as they have strong legs due to cycling and running training. This is totally wrong. There are many excellent runners and cyclists that when they use kickboard can’t move their bodies forward.

When we teach a person to swim freestyle we have to start by kicking. We have to learn them to kick properly. Poor kicking means that the athlete will not be able to swim properly.

By learning to kick properly and by having strong legs into the water  :

  • We will be able to perform correctly the necessary drills

  • We will be able to improve our alignment and our balance into the water.

  • We build freestyle on Kicking, streamline, alignment