Marathon 2013 Runners of Athens Triathlon Team for SOS Eliza.

Marathon 2013 Runners of Athens Triathlon Team for Eliza SOS.


The organization aims to support the rights of children in Greece.
We know that in Greece more than 28.000 children are abused or neglected every year.
One in three abused or neglected children are under the age of five.
Less than one in ten cases are reported to the authorities and nine out of ten never receive assessment, protection or treatment.
ELIZA envisions a world where no child shall suffer from abuse or neglect.

Establishing, in cooperation with the Greek SOS Children’s Villages, a model Residential Home for the therapy and rehabilitation of children of pre-school age in 2009.
Today, the SOS ELIZA Home provides integrated services to a limited number of children for a specific period of time averaging 18 months. SOS ELIZA continues to monitor the children’s progress after they leave the Home.
Each child welcomed into the Home is offered:
–psychological support
–immediate protection and shelter
–interdisciplinary evaluation, by a team of specialized staff
–appropriate treatment, based on an individually planned rehabilitation programme.
–legal support

–To establish other SOS ELIZA Homes: a new home will provide care for 10 more children, in 2013.
–To operate in collaboration with the SOS Children’s Villages of Greece, one or more “Day Centres for infants and babies”, in order to preserve the mental health of children and parents in time of crisis and to prevent abuse.
–To provide information and raise public awareness of the problem. As part of this effort the “11525 Together for Children Help Line” registers charges and complaints and offers counselling.
–To organize educational events on the topic of child abuse
–To educate new parents, commencing with the guide titled “You are not born a parent, you become one”, written by paediatrician Eleni Adam and distributed throughout Greece.
–To increase our participation in the international campaign against the “Shaken Baby Syndrome”.
–To promote new partnerships with other NGOs active in child care and to develop common actions with the principal goal of preventing child abuse.
–To contribute as far as possible to providing immediate relief for cases of poverty or neglect resulting from the economic crisis.


ELIZA is supported exclusively by small or large donations from individuals, organisations and foundations, as well as by revenues from various events.It does not receive any government funding.

To donate online using Paypal, please go to:

and enter as the receiving account email (you can donate in any type of currency you wish)

Or use the following link to Paypal:,

Please those donating from the US, note that unfortunately, donations in Greece are not tax-deductible (yet!!!!)

Any amount small or big will be appreciated and even a dollar can make a difference in a child’s life.