Life in Athens Triathlon Team

When joining Athens Triathlon Team, you will receive, as we all do, a detailed training plan, in accordance to the latest scientific advances in athletics, coaching and psychology of sports, adapted to you daily schedule. And surely, you can have your training program and train alone as much as you want, but the true advantage of being a member is its team spirit.

The team is deliberately kept small by the coaches, so as to encourage interpersonal relations. The group is tightly-knit and members maintain almost daily contact either through social media or in real life. This is a huge advantage when it comes to motivation. Every week we receive the team training plan and we fill it in with our availability, so that every member knows with whom he or she will train with. Even when it rains we know who will come at the track and even when it’s snowing we know we’ll find some of our team mates at the pool. We use instant messaging to tip each other and every one for any last minute changes. We also write down about the experiences we gain from our races or training sessions, for everyone to read and comment and we are always there to congratulate fellow members for their break-throughs.

But team spirit does not end with training or racing.  We regularly program social meetings. We meet to eat together and discuss, not just training or goal setting, but also chat about our rest-of-life endeavours. It is a very good way to get to know each other better, especially new members, and also meet the families of members. We believe family members are part of our triathlon family too, since every triathlete much needs encouragement and support from their family to be able to follow their crunched up daily routine. Having our families among our members makes them share our anxieties and rigours of training, so that they realize how important triathlon is for us.