Triathlon Season Starts

Triathlon racing starts in Cyprus on Sunday, April 5th with the Ayia Napa Triathlon and Sprint Triathlon organised by Nireas Triathlon in co-operation with Ayia Napa Municipality.
The race, which is the first local triathlon event of the season, starts from Nissi Beach and expects to attract up to 100 athletes competing in a course that will see them cycle along Nissi Avenue and run from the hotel to the town hall and back.
“Triathlon is on the rise in popularity not only in Cyprus but throughout the world and we feel that Ayia Napa, with its beautiful beaches and panoramic routes, provides a race of international standing that will grow and attract participants from all over Europe and even further afield,” commented Yiannis Karousos, Mayor of Ayia Napa Municipality.
“This year’s race has the added ‘spice’ of prize money for the top three male and female participants that will make Easter this year start with an extra gift for the fastest athletes,” he concludes.
Team participation was recently introduced to the races and has proved a very popular way for athletes from other disciplines to get a taste of triathlon. Teams of two or three can participate making the event ideal for first time racers or cross-over athletes to team-up and experience triathlon.
The race is organised by Nireas Triathlon under the auspices of the Cyprus Triathlon Federation and is open to Cyprus Triathlon Federation and non-Federation athletes with race categories including all ages and genders. An added incentive to race is the 1,200 Euros of prize money to be shared between the top three individual male and female finishers of the Triathlon distance.
The Ayia Napa triathlon is the second to be held at the Nissi Beach Resort and offers an excellent experience for racers and spectators. Packages are available for participants to stay at the five-star Nissi Beach Hotel starting from 90 Euros a night for two people bed and breakfast.
Participants wishing to register for the race can do so online at To find more information about the race go to the Nireas Triathlon web site or call race organisers Panagiotis Ntais, 99 444 447 and Bambos Spanoudes, 99 329 518.
Nireas Triathlon partners for the Ayia Napa Triathlon and Sprint Triathlon are KOA, VW, Nissi Beach Resort, Ayia Napa Municipality, ANT1.
The Ayia Napa Triathlon and Sprint Triathlon race sponsors are: TYR, COMPRESSPORT, POLYSBIKES, DR.RATH, POLAROID, GARMIN and ETEA.
For more information contact Nireas Triathlon Club; Nikoletta Ioannou on 997 719 534, or Claire Philpott on 99 539 430.

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