Schinias Olympic Rowing Center : Cycling Course profile


After 2004 there are many cycling TT and Triathlon non drafting races that are organized every year at the 2004 Olympic Rowing Center.

There is a 5kms asphalt road next to the rowing FOP (Field of Play).

We will try to describe briefly the main characteristics of this cycling course:



It’s extremely windy location with the winds usually blowing from the North. An excellent aerodynamic set up is crucial. A TT bike is more than reccomended for all triathlon athletes


Aerodynamic Equipment

As usally there are no side winds it’s reccomened a disc rear wheel and a 6cms deep rim as front wheel. An aero helmet, water bottle,…


Gears Selection

It’s also crucial to have the right gear against the wind but also with the wind behind. I recommend a combination of 54 and 21-11 for the majority of the competitive/ national level male cyclists and triathletes and 52X 23/12 for the majority of national level cyclists and triathletes.

It’s a course where you can’t afford not to have the 16th and 18th option at your gears.


Follow the competition

As it’s an open place it’s easy to follow your competition. It’s easy to notice whether you close the gap from your rivals or the opposite happens.

As distances depend from the velocity that cyclists and triathletes are moving at a perticular part of the course is recommened that we have people on the course to inform us about time gaps from major competitors



At the specific location the temperature is expected to be around 35 degrees during summer time and about 25 during sping- automn races.

An excellent hydration pla even prior to a 20kms TT is essential.


Warm up

It’s essential for cyclists and also useful for triathletes  to do the warm up in turbo trainer under shade.



Humidity is a main concern as it’s very probable that the humidity will be high at the race day.



There are two (2) 90 degrees corners that need to be well trained as the road is extremely  narrow. There are 3 curves where we someone need to be familiarized with the course in order not to loose time compared to competition .



This is a major concern especially for Triathlon events where there are usually more athletes on the lap than the cycling TT races and many elite athletes have to overlap other athletes all the time.



In this race drafting is also a major  concern as  that many athletes might do some kind of drafting intentional or as it’s difficult to overlap  (TT) or to get away from a pack of triathletes.


Turn Over

As mentioned above it’s needed to overcome an athlete this won’t be easy as the road is narrow.


Text : Giannis Psarelis (Coach & Chemist, MSc- MBA) &

  • Triathlon New Zeeland Level 2 Accredited Coach (Candidate for Level 3)- Endorsed by International Triathlon Union (Level 1)
  • American Swimming Coaches Association Level 2 Coach
  • Australian Swimming Teaches and Coaches Association Bronze License
  • North American Academy For Sport and Fitness Marathon Certified Coach
  • USA National Federation of High Schools Accredited & Certified Coach
  • International Triathlon Coaches Association Certified Coach 

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