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Ocean Lava Planet triathlon series is expanding its reach with its latest event in Greece – Ocean Lava Rhodes – that is getting set to land on the most historically important and well-known island of the Dodecanese islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea  – Rhodes island, which has been the area’s dominant island since Antiquity.

With its bright green hills, rich green valleys and uninterrupted line of golden beaches, Rhodes is truly a blessed place. Add in the excellent facilities for tourism, the island’s special blend of cosmopolitan and traditional, and numerous cultural and archaeological sites and you’ve got the perfect triathlon holiday destination. Combined with an ideal climate, it makes you feel as if you are on an endless summer holiday.

The triathlon has been developed in Rhodes over the last 20 years and is growing in popularity. In recent years Rhodes island has hosted successfully World Triathlon Cup ITU 2007.


Nikos Hatzinikolas in front of the new Ocean Lava Rhodes said: „With less than 4 months to go before the Ocean Lava Rhodes Olympic distance triathlon race on 30 October 2016, preparations for hosting this great triathlon race in Rhodes Island, locatedat the SouthEast Aegean Sea, are progressing well. The last 5 years, Rhodes Island, has been the host for more than 30 triathlon races, organised by Apollon Triathlon Club, and now has the privilege to announce that is part of the great family of Ocean Lava Planet.  We are certain that Ocean Lava Planet triathlon series will provide us with the opportunity to gain vital lessons that will be carried forward to all of Ocean Lava Rhodes future races and which lessons will enable our triathlon club and the local governors of the island to provide the best possible triathlon experience to the athletes and their families that will choose Rhodes as a triathlon destination.

Founder of Ocean Lava Planet triathlon series, Kenneth Gasque said: „For the love of Triathlon we are proud and honored to present the newest destination in Ocean Lava Planet – Ocean Lava Rhodes in Greece.  Ocean Lava Planet commitment is to provide unique triathlon experiences in icons destinations. Rhodes unique history will give the events and the participants a wonderful day and Ocean Lava Rhodes welcome athletes of all level. We congratulate the organisation Apollon Triathlon Club Rhodes for this
wonderful event.“

The dates of the Ocean Lava Rhodes are the following:

1) Olympic Distance Triathlon, on 30th October 2016

2) Sprint Distance Triathlon, on 29 April 2017

3) Middle and Sprint Distance, on 8th October 2017
The forthcoming Ocean Lava Olympic Distance triathlon race on October 30th, will be a great opportunity for all athletes and their families and friends to test and to experience first hand our truly unique course, located in the city centre, in one of the most beautiful destinations of Greece.  In 1988 the Medieval City of Rhodes was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Race organizer of Ocean Lava Rhodes,  Nikos Hatzinikolas added:  „Our mission is to organise a ‘technically excellent’ triathlon race and to provide all of you unique triathlon experience. This will only be achieved with the continued advice and support of Ocean Lava Planet team. All triathlon races will take place inside the city centre. Public and private transportation will be closed throughout the transport of the event.“



The transition area will be located, on the square between the building of South Aegean Region and the Nautical Club of Rhodes. It is the same transition area, that was used for the Island Games 2007 triathlon race. The swim will be located in the central beach of Rhodes City, behind the building of South Aegean Region. The race start will be at the point of the beach facing the famous Trampoline, a well known and popular spot of the central beach. The swim will be 2 laps, of 750 m each.


The bike part of the race, will start on the exit of the transition area. Athletes will bike following the coastline towards the Rodos Palace Hotel, situated on the east side of the island. At some point, before the hotel, they will make a u-turn and will bike back to the transition area. They will bike through the central marina of the city centre towards the touristic port. Before the port they make a u-turn again to return to the transition area, thus completing 1 lap of 10 Km. The bike stage will be 4 laps.


The running course, will start on the exit of the transition area. Athletes will run towards the touristic port, over the fabulous wooden port pavement, then they will enter the medieval city and run until they make a u-turn at the Big Fountain Square located at the start of the famous Socratous Street.


Website: http://www.oceanlavarhodes.com





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