Helle Frederiksen : “Discipline, Belief and Self Control”

It has been a little while since I have really sat down and got my head on an ‘educational’ blog post. I enjoy writing these blogs as it is, from similar blogs, I learn.

I have learnt many things during my months down here at Club La Santa. Importantly I have gained a big understanding of 3 important traits – Discipline, Belief and Self Control. Without these traits my time down here at Club La Santa may not have been as successful as it has been already.

I arrived on Club La Santa early November 2011. Since this time I have been fortunate to train with many of the worlds leading Triathletes. Many of them asking the same question “How can you stay here for so long?” now if I am honest, I don’t really delve into asking “what do you mean?” My answer is the same thing every time without really thinking about it “easy…” Now in reality, it may not actually be so easy for some. I am not, in any way, referring to this as a bad thing. Each person is different, what works for some does not always work for others.

(Despite often being alonehaving the ability to believe in what you are doing is everythingDiscipline,Belief and Self Control – 3 traits with big control on success)
Club La Santa, as mentioned in a previous blog post, is Europe’s biggest playground for active people. So I really can understand should athletes feel they could not stay here for prolonged period of time. There are many good things going on here, so many activities, events, social meetings, live entertainment, the variety is and can be over whelming. One day I look forward to being able to enjoy everything the resort has to offer.

Unfortunately I am not on Club La Santa for a vacation. I am here serving my job as a professional Triathlete. What does this actually mean?

Discipline – Having the ability to follow instructions, sticking to the plan, more importantly sticking to your own plan. Now this also requires a good sense of understanding. Understanding exactly what is needed out of each individual session. By doing this allows you the opportunity to be flexible in your approach to train with others. As I mentioned above there are many of the worlds best Triathletes using Club La Santa. People often ask “but how can you all train together, if you are coached by a different coach?” Discipline is the short term answer.

Self-discipline is also a huge factor when it comes to getting the work done. Having the ability to motivate yourself is a big asset, especially when tired and fatigued. Understanding exactly what it is you are aiming, on each given day, is a big factor in motivating yourself daily. By effectively completing each training session adds another piece to the endless puzzle of success and accomplishment. Realising and reminding yourself of this on a regular basis will ultimately help you understand – this is worth it.

(Treadmill running, perceived by many as ‘boring’ with no purpose. I understand the purpose. I believe in the method.)

Belief – Believing in the work that you are doing is the right work. Without this belief, the day to day motivation becomes difficult. Many questions of doubt enter the thought process. Doubt often distracts your ability to focus. Not being able to focus results in you not getting the best out of each and every training session. Belief in yourself, your support team and your network is everything when it comes to getting the best out of yourself. When you believe in yourself, the work others do often seems irrelevant.

Believing in the work you do is achieved by constructing a support team that believes in you. Over time, their belief in you will make you believe in yourself.

Self Control – Having the ability to not get distracted and resisting temptation are major factors when it comes to being professional. Not only in Sport’s but life in general. Being totally honest, having this self control can, occasionally, leave you with the feeling you are missing out. You can find yourself outside of a social circle, missing a family holiday, family celebration, sacrifices that can undoubtedly effect your emotions. However without this self control you can find yourself lost, endless social events, missed recovery, missed days of training. All of which, over time, add to the big picture.

To the outsider, unaware of the circumstances, dedicated sporting individuals are often perceived as discrete. Ultimately, I regard this individual as, Professional. No big fuss, getting their work done, applying Discipline, Belief and Self Control to their daily lives. Over the past 4 months I have gained a massive understanding for these 3 important traits. I have engaged with athletes who apply them daily and unfortunately I have engaged with athletes who are unaware of their purpose.

Discipline, Belief and Self Control – 3 traits I will apply to everything throughout my 2012 race season.






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