Eddy Alexiou : Most Committed triathlete

Eddy Alexiou was voted from the coaches of our club (Athens Triathlon Team) as the most committed triathlete of the Month (May 2012). He is fully dedicated to his sport goals without neglecting his business and family.


Triathlon World : When did you first start get involved in Triathlon?

Eddy Alexiou : I got involved with amateur triathlons races in 2007. Loved them ever since.


Triathlon World : What excites you most in Triathlon ?

Eddy Alexiou : Triathlons are challenging to me. Not only physically,  but logistically as well. Triathlons need meticulous planning and execution. No other sport has this. Every little detail of execution leads to a successful finish of a triathlon race. But mostly the physical challenge is what really keeps my interest.

 Triathlon World : What you hate most concerning your involvement in Triathlon ?

Eddy Alexiou : I can’t find any negative aspect about triathlon.


 Triathlon World :What is your favorite discipline ?

Eddy Alexiou : Running is my favorite part. I have always been a runner and my confidence is pretty high. Lately I have been compromising my running abilities due to exhausted legs on the bike portion. The bike takes a very big toll on my energy and sometimes my running suffers. Nevertheless, I really enjoy it and I try to improve.


Triathlon World : What is your favorite distance ?

 Eddy Alexiou : My favorite distance is the one that gets my on the podium, hahaha… And lately it has been the sprint distance.  I find that every distance having a different strategy gives me a separate interest and  a different challenge. Having successfully completed 7 times Ironman 70.3 distances I can’t say that I favor any particular distance. Every race provides challenges that I like.


Triathlon World : What are your favorite sessions ?

Eddy Alexiou : I favor all of my three training sports. Nevetheless, getting together at the pool with the team is one of my favorite. We enjoy a lot our “little” competitive spirit and swimming is suddenly much more enjoyable.



Triathlon World : What are the hardest sessions ?

Eddy Alexiou : I can say that my least favorable training time is when the wind blows hard on us while on the bike. Very discouraging. But from the aspect of training I consider not unfavorable but difficult to execute the bike interval the way my coach is demanding of me. Very difficult for me to raise my heart rate during short intervals on 1-2 minutes. My coach insists that I should try better. Well, he knows better!


Triathlon World : what are goals for 2012 and your sport’s goals as well ?

Eddy Alexiou :My goal for 2012 is to train with the Athens Triathlon Team and progressively being able to execute every single training program the way my coach wants me to. I am very satisfied with coach Gianni Psareli and I believe in him 100%.



Triathlon World : Could you give some useful advice to someone who plans to get involved with triathlon ?

Eddy Alexiou : Anyone who would start triathlon I would suggest to have his head examined…….haha.  I belive that anyone coming to Triathlon has to commit 100% and being very patient. Progress comes slowly, but if you train right your foundations are going to be your weapons.


Triathlon World : Who are the people that give the necessary support in order to be able to fit your training schedule into your demanding life schedule?

Eddy Alexiou : I get a lot of support from my family. It is imperative. But the kind words that my coach Gianni Psareli  says to me are more like energy shots to keep my training even harder.

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