Triathlon training : The most common mistakes in running.

Text : Giannis Psarelis – Athens Triathlon Team Head Coach & Triathlon World Editor (Email : Mobile : +306937170260)


The most common mistakes that triathletes are doing as far as running are concerned are the following:

  • They don’t choose the correct running shoes for their running style and their feet as well.
  • They don’t stretch
  • They choose wrong surfaces
  • They increase their training loads very fast (training intensity and/or training km).
  • They believe that running is a sport where there is no need for a special technique.
  • They always run alone.
  • They never train under the guidance of a coach


So in  order to improve easily in running a triathlete should follow follow some basic rules:

  • Find a triathlon/ running coach.
  • Choose the right running shoes.
  • Learn the right technique by doing running drills often, as in swimming.
  • Do run on concrete surfaces.
  • Do some stretching  after the each running session
  • Don’t do too much, too fast too soon. Gradually increase the training volume by respecting the 10% percent rule.
  • RICE in case of an injury
  • Include some 5 and 10 km races as part of your preparation for your triathlon races.
  • Have a variety in your training, run in different places and use different training techniques such as continuous running, fartlek, interval training, hill reps….