Triathlon Training : The most common mistakes in cycling training.

Text :Giannis Psarelis – Athens Triathlon Team Head Coach & Triathlon World Editor (Email : Mobile : +306937170260)


The most common mistakes that triathletes are doing in terms of Cycling training are the following:

They don’t choose the correct bike and generally speaking they choose the wrong equipment, e.g. saddle, shoes, …

Their bike fitting isn’t an optimal and it doesn’t adapts to their flexibility and strength improvement.

They always train alone and most of the times with the same rhythm, same cadence, same velocity, same intensity e.t.c.

They always train using the same routes.

They don’t work on technical issues. How to turn, how to go downhill, how to go uphill out of their saddle, how to stay safe in a group, how to ameliorate their spinning e.t.c.

They train in flat roads.


Here are some easy to follow advices that will help you to ameliorate very easily:

Use the advice of an expert when you will buy a new bike – there are many shops that can provide you reliable help on this issue. If you have the luxury it will help you a lot to train in a road bike some times and TT bike some others.

Do a bike fitting, it is something that your never regret.

Join a Triathlon or alternative aCycling club and ride with them. It’s very helpful to ride in a group and to watch how more experienced cyclists ride their bicycles.

Alternate your training courses. As you progress choose more and more challenging courses

Climb, climb climb…. at least once a week. This the easiest way to improve your maximum power and the watts you produce at your anaerobic Threshold.

If you have the luxury buy equipment that will help you monitor your progress. Ideally monitor the watts you are able to produce. This is the best investement. much better than aero wheels.

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