The Pedagogy of Sports Coaching

Text : Giannis Psarelis – Triathlon Coach (TRiathlon New Zeeland Level 3 Accredited Triathlon Coach) – Contact Details :

Pedagogy of coaching is the learning experience that takes place in a sport coaching environment.

There are three dimensions that influence this process:

The context. As mentioned in other chapters of the book and previous assignments sports coaching and coaching in general happens in a specific social environment and within this environment the coach has to adopt his job. Different things are expected to be learned in a school environment than a professional sports team.

The needs of learners. The coach has to find the best possible way to communicate and teach each learning target group according to their needs, expectations and learning styles preferred and commonly used.

Coaches, depending from their education and mostly from their experiences, usually have a preferred style of teaching. There are rare the situations that coaches can adopt to the needs of different groups and being able to be effective teachers to all these situations. E.g. A coach of elite athletes might have a difficulty to be affective teacher of young athletes and vice versa a very experienced coach in schools might have great difficulty to cooperate and learn things to elite athletes.

Triathlon Coach

Triathlon Coach in action