Smart Sport : Swimming fast…the right mentality.

Text : Giannis Psarelis _Athens Triathlon Team Head Coach and TriathlonWorld editor

If you want not to improve in your swimming then you should do  the following:

  • Swim  continually. Get in the swimming pool and just swim.
  • Approach your swim training the same way you approach your cycling and running training
  • Train in swimming pool where people with bad technique are training

So if you follow one of the above then you should reconsider your approach.

underwatercrossover (1)

So the question is what someone should do in order to  improve very fast in swimming :

  1. You should find a swimming/ triathlon coach and to train under his/ her supervision. Nothing it’s more important than this
  2. Join a local swimming/ triathlon club.
  3. Watch swimming videos. Ask your coach to make the selection of these videos.
  4. Read books concerning the hydrodynamic principles that apply in swimming
  5. Watch people swimming. Try to find out what they are doing wrong.
  6. Every day focus on specific aspect of your technique
  7. Swimming technique drills should be included in every session
  8. Have the swim session as your first training session of the day. Never swim after a hard session in running or in cycling, unless you are doing it for recovery reasons.
  9. Swim often in open water environment by using your wetsuit. You might be the best swimmer in a swimming pool but open water swimming demands different skills
  10. Choose an appropriate wetsuit for you.
  11. Learn how to draft.
  12. Use vasa trainer or another similar equipment in order to improve your technique and your swimming strength/ power