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Τhe relationship between body mass and running performance for Triathletes

Text “Body composition is most often viewed in the context of the two compartment model : body mass is a combination of fat free mass and fat mass… Low body fat content is associated with better performance in most endurance activities. Researchers have found that the athletes with lower body fat percentage had higher maximum […]

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Triathlon Coach

The Pedagogy of Sports Coaching

Text : Giannis Psarelis – Triathlon Coach (TRiathlon New Zeeland Level 3 Accredited Triathlon Coach) – Contact Details : Pedagogy of coaching is the learning experience that takes place in a sport coaching environment. There are three dimensions that influence this process: The context. As mentioned in other chapters of the book and previous […]

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BALCO case evidence was illegally shown on nationwide Greek television including US athlete’s doping calanders with codes.

After a long period of silence, followed by the confusion occurred by the incidents of the August 12th, doping returns to the moment in Greece. Tonight, the Greek TV MEGA Channel, presented a brilliant job prepared by a group of elite country’s journalists. In their weekly political show “The Folders”, a brief history of Christos […]

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Gender Physiological differences in Triathlon

 Author/ Text: Giannis Psarelis  Triathlon New Zeeland Level 3 Accredited Coach There are many obvious and well know physiological differences.  “There are some basic physiological, nutrition and medical gender differences that coaches must consider when training females. Female athletes approach training and racing with different mental skills as well.” (USA Triathlon Guide, page31) We mention some […]

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Road Cycling and Sport Science Lab : A relationship that needs a further improvement

  Road cyclists intend to spend money in anything that could help them become better athletes. Unfortunately this is not the case for their cooperation with a sport lab. We have tried to identify the main reasons why cyclists don’t consider it necessary for their progress to work in a permanent base with a sport […]

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Does your Heart Rate tells you always the truth?

Introduction Recently I had many discussions with some of the athletes I coach concerning the monitor of the intensity during training and races. The majority of the athletes do not accept the fact that there are cases that the Heart Rate (HR) Monitor doesn’t say the truth and that there are times that the HR […]

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Tony Martin : “Total physical and mental endurance from start to finish”

Tony Martin : An exclusive Interview. Tony is a former Royal Engineer, Army Commando, EOD (bomb disposal) serviceman who spent 12 years in the service. He is an experienced Arctic survival trainer and has taken part in expeditions in Sahara, Mongolia, Jungles of Belize, the Aturi Rain Forests in the Congo Basin and many other […]

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European Championships, Marathon – Meucci vs Chabowski : A pace analysis

Marathon Runners are masters of pace. Even if you are a fast endurance athlete you can’t win the race  if you don’t have the patience to follow the right pace according to your potential. Marathon pace is simple mathemetics and whoever tries to risk it’s 100% that he/she fail. It’s vey interesting to compare the […]

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Open Water swimming : 25km

From the official site of the 2013 FINA World Championships. The 25 km in open water in one of the toughest events that exists. The swimmers spend an average of 5 hours in the open sea, a maximum effort which can mean the loss of up to 3 kilos in some cases. How do they […]

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Views of ICSC Site During Construction

High Performance New Zealand : Exclusive Interview

Text & Interview : Giannis Psarelis. Sport in international level is extremely competitive. In order to be successful a team or an athlete needs to train hard but also to have access to excellent sport facilities and to have the support of medical staff and sport scientists. We will present the best high performance centers […]

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High Performance New Zealand : Athlete Performance Support

Text : Giannis Psarelis. Following our interview with Mrs. Sue Eden who is the Senior Advisor Media and Communications for High Performance New Zealand we present the services they provide to their athletes. Strength & Conditioning The High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) Strength and Conditioning department aims to develop and enhance the physical capability of […]

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Australia’s Winning Edge

Australia’s Winning Edge is our game plan for moving from world class to world best. Developed in partnership with Australia’s high performance network, Australia’s Winning Edge provides the high performance sports sector with clear performance targets and a framework for collaboration from 2012-2022. Australia’s high performance is about: consistent and sustainable success for Australian athletes and teams on the world […]

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Triathlon Best Coaches Special : Dave Williams

We continue the presentation of the best endurance coaches by presenting Dave Williams. Dave Williams is the coach of Loukia Lili, who lives and trains in the USA. We feel very honoured that a very talented and experienced coach like Mr. Williams gives an exclusive interview to our triathlon digital magazine. Dave Williams has served […]

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Best Coaches Special : Joel Filliol

Joel Filliol is one of triathlon’s most experienced and successful professional coaches. He has been involved in endurance sport since 1989 both as an athlete and coach. As an athlete Joel has competed in over 100 triathlon and multisport events and represented Canada at World Championships in Triathlon and Duathlon. As a coach he has […]

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MarketNews. POWERbreathe is an Inspiratory Muscle Trainer, exercising and strengthening the muscles we use to breathe. Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) is scientifically proven to benefit patients with respiratory illness and healthy people, including athletes at all levels of competition, including Olympians. An overview of benefits and results from laboratory trials are listed below. For specific […]

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