BALCO case evidence was illegally shown on nationwide Greek television including US athlete’s doping calanders with codes.

After a long period of silence, followed by the confusion occurred by the incidents of the August 12th, doping returns to the moment in Greece. Tonight, the Greek TV MEGA Channel, presented a brilliant job prepared by a group of elite country’s journalists. In their weekly political show “The Folders”, a brief history of Christos Tzekos course was presented, stressing especially the influence of a Bulgarian weightlifting coach, Ivan Ambatziev, in the initial steps of his career. Ambatziev was also presented in an older video, from a lecture given in Finland, referring to Thanou’s progression as an example of the results of his training methods to sprinters. The coach was banned for Sydney’s Olympics as many of his athletes had been tested positive.
The possible links of some elite athletes to BALCO were again investigated, based on the material published by the international media, although it was underlined that the athletes referred by Conte may not be Kenteris and Thanou, but other top athletes of the country. In addition, some copies of the doping schedules found in the Laboratory were also presented, as well as the initials and the other codes indicating the US elite athletes who are currently under investigation.
Giannis Psarelis, a Greek doctor who works for WADA, explained the problems he had with the where-abouts of the Greek stars and the impacts in his relations with some country’s authorities.
Maybe the most important but depressing point of this report was the last. The journalists claim that they have on hand the “training diary” of a thrower, who participated in Athens Olympics. According to this, an unnamed woman athlete, received up to 10 doses of several substances per day, including testosterone, but she has never tested positive.
The first phase of the prosecutors’ investigation on Tzekos – Kenteris – Thanou case has already completed and in the next days the conclusion will be known. Independently on the results of the specific official survey, we are still on the beginning of the war in Greece and worldwide.