Abu Dhabi Triathlon Team Competition : The Winners

We have asked you the following questions

  • When was the year that Faris Al Sultan won the Ironman World Championships?
  • What is the date that the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon will be held in 2012?

The Correct answers are : A. 2005 B. 3rd March 2012


The Winners are :

1. DaDaniel Ward (England)

2. Ploumidou Vretoua (Chania- Greece)

3. Mavropoulos Aris (Athens – Greece)

4. Konstantakis Manos  (Athens – Greece)

5. Gotzias Spyros (Athens – Greece)

6. Gotzia Evaggelia  (Athens – Greece)

7. Lymperis Ilias (Athens – Greece)

8. Sarris Panayiotis (Athens – Greece)


As we waiting the Team to send to us the Team’s products we kindly ask the winners to confirm their address by sending an email at : info@triathlonworld.gr