Laura Bennett has announced her retirement from Triathlon

Laura Bennett through her account on Facebook has announced her retirement from Triathlon:

“I would like to send out a huge thank you to all those who I was blessed to have a part of my journey in my passion & career in sport. To my family, sponsors, sports physicians, friends, race directors, federations, race organizations, fans, my TEAM.. thank you for believing in me and providing me the support I needed from you when it counted! Thank you to my competition for bleeding every last bit of competition out of me. You drove me to make sure I would not be leaving the sport wondering, could I have done more to maximize myself?

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to exploit the talent I had in sport, making the most of my time, and capitalizing on all I could give to every opportunity that came my way. Early on in my career I felt a bit guilty about doing sport when I should be out finding a job and pursuing a worthy profession of my degree. Then I realized that through my sport I was learning life’s lessons that I may never had had experienced had I not pursued my gift and made the most of it.

Sport taught me that to have a goal big enough to focus your whole life around it, is a huge gift, that I appreciate everyday to have had, and one that has paid off in more ways than I can mention here.

It taught me life isn’t fair, you can put everything into a goal, and there is never a certain result, only a certain lesson learned.

I learned that it’s up to me to fix failure, as it was either my process that was wrong or I chose the wrong goal! And in that, I had best enjoy the journey. I made sure of this by constantly pursuing the best balance I could find between sport and life!

It taught me to utilize my time effective and efficiently, as the perfect balance for me provides my best outcomes.

It gave me a place to let out my competitive drive and test myself, where everyone is on an equal playing field, and the best on that day will be rewarded.

It provided me friendships across many nations that have enriched my life on and off the course.

It took me to countries (even though I didn’t get much further than the hotel, a few restaurants, and the race course 🙂 ) that opened my mind on other cultures and reminded me that people are people, its the behavior of people that matters, not the stereotypes of their country .

It gave me my husband, who made the journey far more special because I got to share every day of it with you.

I am happy to say I can leave the sport, proud of what I achieved, but of course having wanted for more 🙂 but knowing I had my turn. I am forever so grateful to have experienced so much with all those who were involved with my journey. Thank you for being apart of it, and without your influence and sharing the success and failures would of meant so little. I look forward to my life’s next chapter where I might be of service to others in their pursuit of their own excellence.

Thank you ????